Additional Services

Business advising

Every business entering a new country, whether it’s a start-up or existing business entering a new market, should seek consulting with International experts first, no matter how familiar you are with your core business. Every market has its own rules, regulations, and step stones. To cross that successfully without losing time and money, you should consider discussing your case with us first. Euro business solutions have expertise and network of different professionals all around the world. Therefore we have a solution for everything. Have a look at some cases which we already successfully solved.


One of the most important steps when entering a new market is how to find a reliable, professional and knowledgeable accountant, who at the same time speaks English well. This choice will either cost you in the future, or save your money and time long term. We have that covered for you! Our accountants in each jurisdiction have certain rules to follow. In order to achieve high standards of service, we insist on reminders, fast answering on our client’s queries, free advice for our clients, clear instructions, perfect English language, and we’ve already done our due diligence on them. The benefit of taking accountancy services from us is first of all, straightforward process, less stressful and it’s saving your time and money.

Tax registration

There are different reasons why you might need tax registration in some country. Generally, new companies must register with tax authorities, but there are also cases where there is no need to form a new company. It can be sufficient to register a foreign company with tax authorities in certain jurisdictions in order to fulfill local requirements and be able to obtain certain business activity. When it comes to VAT registration, in some cases, this is a must. For instance, if you are selling products or services from country A to country B, and your annual turnover in country B surpasses its VAT threshold, you are required to register for a local VAT number in that country.

Virtual office

Whether you need Registered office address for your company, physical office or a warehouse, or any of the virtual office services in EU or wider, such as phone number in another jurisdiction, secretary answering services, all post-delivery, we can provide high standard service – medium range of price – reliable managing of the same. That’s all you need!

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