A lot of people find Finland as not attractive because of the language, but Finish are mostly speaking English and the country has a stable economic and political environment. Even Forbes ranked Finland in 2015th as 6th country in the world to do business in.

Specific rule in Finland is that at least one of the Ordinary Members has to be resident of the EEA. Another solution is to apply to the authority for the grants of an exemption. However, exemptions are very rarely granted. Therefore limited liability company has to have a minimum of 2 members, at least one board member, and one deputy member.

Corporate tax VAT
20% 24%

Limited liability company

Osakeyhtiö- Oy

Minimum Share capital

min 2500 EUR

Registered office required


Physical office required


Min. number of Shareholders

1, called member

Min. number of Directors

1, but one has to be EEA member

Local Director required


Other requirements

at least one of the Ordinary Members has to be resident within the EEA

Bank signatory must travel

Yes, but bank account is not mandatory to be in Finland

Timescale for company formation

up to 3 weeks

Timescale for bank account opening

14 days

Timescale for obtaining VAT number

14 days

Statutory audit requirements


Shelf companies available


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