Anything related to tourism would be a smart idea to do in Greece. English is also widely spoken and there are 11 million consumers. Agriculture, shipping, telecommunication and pharmaceutical industry are doing well in Greece. As for the taxes, Greece would not be competitive on a list of countries where to incorporate to enter the EU market.

Greece experienced depression while 5 years in recession and is still recovering, but the economy is finally seeing some positive light at the end of the tunnel. They have also reduced share capital for their main form EKE. So from now on it is 1 EUR.

There are 2 most popular forms of companies: EKE – limited liability company and IKE recently introduced a form of private capital company. Both have min share capital 1 EUR, but the biggest difference is that IKE has the capital and the liability of its members for the debts, except for those with guarantee contribution, is limited. IKE is also much more simple to form.

Corporate tax VAT
28% 24%

Limited liability company

E.P.E. and I.K.E.

Minimum Share capital

E.P.E. - min 1 EUR, I.K.E. – 1 EUR

Registered office required


Physical office required


Min. number of Shareholders


Min. number of Directors


Local Director required

No, but its recommended

Other requirements


Bank signatory must travel

In most cases no

Timescale for company formation

30 days for EKE, 7 days or IKE

Timescale for bank account opening

7 days

Timescale for obtaining VAT number

7 days

Statutory audit requirements

No, if the business is small

Shelf companies available


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