The best benefit of having Slovakian company is the possibility to transfer profits almost tax free from companies to private level what is an excellent complement to the tax benefits of other countries. On the other side, Slovakia has a bit more complicated requirements for non-EU residents of EU as all the directors who are non-EU, have to apply for residence permit. Also all members have to provide police record from their country of residence.

Corporate tax VAT
21% 20%

Limited liability company

společnost s ručením omezeným- S.R.O

Minimum Share capital

5000 EUR

Registered office required


Physical office required


Min. number of Shareholders


Min. number of Directors


Local Director required

min 1 director has to be EU citizen

Other requirements

All partners need to obtain police record from their country

Bank signatory must travel


Timescale for company formation

4 weeks

Timescale for bank account opening

7 day

Timescale for obtaining VAT number

14 days

Statutory audit requirements


Shelf companies available


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