Slovenia has still got a complicated process for company registration because all shareholders and directors have to travel there in order to register a company and open a bank account. Not even the bank will open a bank account for the company if they don’t physically identify all members. All members have to plan their stay min 5 days to finish all the process. Therefore we don’t advise to incorporate in Slovenia if you don’t have a project over there. In case your trade is elsewhere there are plenty of other options in the EU for easier and cheaper setting up a company. In case you need an entity in Slovenia, contact us for further details. We can recommend forming a different entity which requires less hassle.

Corporate tax VAT
19% 22%

Limited liability company


Minimum Share capital

7500 EUR

Registered office required


Physical office required


Min. number of Shareholders


Min. number of Directors


Local directors required


Other requirements

All partners need to obtain tax nubmer

Bank signatory must travel

Yes, all shareholders and directors must travel

Timescale for company formation

4 weeks

Timescale for bank account opening

7 day

Timescale for obtaining VAT number

14 days

Statutory audit requirements


Shelf companies available


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