Switzerland is one of the most favourable jurisdictions in financial world. In a terms of taxes, costs of company registration and annual maintenance of the company, this is the most expensive jurisdiction in the EU if not in the world. There are 3 different types of taxes. Federal, cantonal and communal. The cantonal and communal taxes differ from canton to canton. In a terms of taxes, Zug would be more favourable based on our opinion. Also you might want to consider are you incorporating in German or French part of Switzerland.

Even though the federal corporate tax is 8.5%, there are corporate taxes by canton which are added on this depending on where your company is headquartered from 6% – 21%.

Registering a branch of a foreign company, which can be used as a holding company and would have some benefits as such in terms of taxes. Holding companies have tax exemption such as corporate tax is 7.8 on the cantonal and communal level. Also, you can transfer money almost tax-free from corporate to a private account, with the right structure.

Corporate tax VAT
Starts at 8.5% 7.7%

Limited liability company


Minimum Share capital

20 000 CHF

Registered office required


Physical office required


Min. number of Shareholders


Min. number of Directors


Local directors required


Other requirements


Bank signatory must travel


Timescale for company formation

4 weeks

Timescale for bank account opening

14 days

Timescale for obtaining VAT number

2 weeks

Statutory audit requirements

Only for companies with 10 and more employees

Shelf companies available


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