WW Bank Account opening

WW Bank account opening

WW Bank account opening is a science these days, but not for us! The banking sector is changing daily due to the changes in Regulations in each jurisdiction and because of the influence of FATCA/CRS. Also, each bank has its own goals and therefore will accept only clients who suit their strategy. So, the banks won’t accept every client who approaches them. Their evaluation of the client will be based on AML (Anti-money laundering) procedure first. If that condition is met, the banks will be looking at many other factors, such as where is the company based, where are the UBO’s (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) from, what is the business activity of a company and many more. Bank account opening can be fast, accurate and without hassle. Call us today!

The process

The process of bank account opening tailored by Euro Business Solutions with the dose of guaranteed service:

  • Identifying your needs.
  • Collecting information from you.
  • Finding the right (and possible) solution.
  • Discussing your specific case with certain financial institutions.
  • Advising you on options.
  • Applying for the chosen option.
  • Leading you through the process all the way.


Why choose us?

Euro Business Solutions are here to save your time and money by advising and offering the right banking solution. We have a wide network of financial institutions and professionals in this area all over the world. Because of our experience, knowledge, and connections, we know exactly what information to collect from you and which Banks to talk to about your specific needs. Our clear process is minimizing the risk of a negative answer from the bank and saving your time.

What banks do we work with?

We work with banks all over the world. We do not provide a list of banks to our clients simply because it wouldn’t make any difference if you would choose a bank which you like if that bank doesn’t support clients in your specific case. Rather than that, we will collect relevant information from you and advise where you have the chance to get an account. We will take in consideration your wishes and discuss those with you.

What happens if the bank rejects your application with us?

It’s 2 % likely as we are minimizing this by advising accordingly in advance and discussing your specific case with the bank before we apply for your account. If the rejection happens at the end, that will be in regards to AML checks which the bank will process first. Therefore we advise that you deliver the true and valid information which we will ask for and we then we will be able to find an appropriate solution no matter of your situation. Even if our application gets rejected, we will provide a solution with another financial solution, which won’t be rejected.

What type of clients do we open accounts for?

We can offer a solution of bank account opening for absolutely every client. Even high risk, such as cryptocurrency, gaming, US company – remote account opening, etc.

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